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Terms  & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. All residents must have up to date vaccination records produced on or before their arrival to board and/or swim with us. Should any owner be unable to produce these documents then we reserve the right to not admit the pet until such time as they are deemed fully immunised.


2. Payment must be received prior to the hand back of any pet. We do not accept credit or debit cards but do accept cash. We reserve the right to hold the animal until full payment is received and the extra days will be chargeable at twice the normal rate.


3. Should you be unable to collect your pet in person then a representative must bring proof of identity, a signed letter from the owner and if appropriate payment before the pet will be handed over. Should this be the case please notify us in advance.


4. All animals must be dropped off and collected within opening hours. Any owners wishing to collect outside of these may do so only by arrangement with the proprietors. If an owner attempts to collect outside standard hours without prior arrangement for arrival and/or collection then an additional £20 charge will be made for each event.


5. All dogs must be fitted with a correctly fitting collar, tag and lead in line with the legal requirements for dog ownership and these must be securely fastened. Should a dog have aggressive tendencies then a muzzle will also be needed.


6. It is the wishes of the owners and staff that all dogs attending Butterwick for any purpose are kennel cough vaccinated a minimum of 2 weeks prior to attending. Any owner who does not wish their dog to be protected by a kennel cough vaccination does so at their own risk. Any vets fees incurred during their stay for this or a related matter will not be covered under our insurance policy and will be charged to the owner on collection along with normal boarding charges. (Please note that should you pet be ill during their stay for any reason a vet will be called and they will be isolated for their and other residents protection.)


7. All cats must be held in a secure pet carrier which will need to be left for the duration of the stay.


8. Once a booking is confirmed then a place is held for that animal for the dates booked. Should this need to be cancelled then this must be done a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the date of arrival, in writing. After this date then the full cost of the proposed stay will be charged. (exceptions at the proprietors discretion).


9. Should no notification be given then the full amount will be invoiced.  (exceptions at the proprietors discretion)


10. We deem failure to pay and/or failure to uphold bookings very seriously and payment will be sought through legal channels at the expense of the debtor. Interest will also be charged at 15% on the total bill.


11. Any dog not collected within 7 days of their final departure date will be classed as abandoned. Should there be no written contact from the owners after a further 7 days then the dog will be rehomed or destroyed should we not be able to find a suitable placement. (see attached terms for abandoned dogs)


12. No bedding is accepted with pets –our bedding is washed and cleaned thoroughly daily and at peak times personal bedding may be lost. (Exceptions will be made for medical purposes.)


13. While toys are great to settle animals and give a sense of home, all toys, leads and collars are left entirely at owner’s risk.


14. Butterwick accepts no liability for the storage of medication


15. Pre existing conditions and animals over the age of 9 are not covered by our insurance policy.


16. Butterwick reserve the right to request deposits and all prices are subject to change, and deposits are none refundable.


17. No booking will be confirmed without receiving a valid booking confirmation form and deposit. The kennel will then be released for others to book.


18. Butterwick cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or property, howsoever caused, whilst on the premises.


19. Should any illness arise which is an exclusion on the boarders insurance policy taken out on your behalf by Butterwick Boarding Kennels then it will be the owner’s responsibility to claim against their own policy and pay the fees incurred in full.



20. Butterwick hold no responsibility for unrealistic expectations of customer when leaving their animals with us for boarding, swimming or grooming. Every effort will be made to offer a service that completely satisfies the customer at all times.


21. Whilst every care possible is taken of dogs undergoing treatment and in the maintenance of the water & equipment, all dogs receive treatment entirely at their owners risk.


22. Session fees will be charged in full if an appointment is broken or cancelled without a minimum of 24 hours notice.


23. A veterinary referral form must have been received before any swim can take place; in order to ensure you pet is fit to exercise. This can be posted or emailed in prior to the appointment or brought along before the first swim.


24. Dogs will not be admitted with contagious or infectious conditions therefore will not be allowed to use the pool facilities with any eye, ear, skin or gastric conditions .Bitches in season may not use the pool facilities until their season is over.


25. Dogs must be in as clean a condition as possible.


26.  Owners are requested not to feed their dog for at least four hours before attending a swimming  session, and to ensure that the dog has done it’s ablutions before arriving. A surcharge of £50 will be levied for dogs which defecate in the pool as we may have to close the pool to clean it.


27. It is the responsibility of the owner to poop-scoop for their dog on BBKCH premises. All dogs must be kept on a lead, and under control, when attending BBKCH. While the owner is on the premises the animal is their responsibility solely not that of Butterwick.


28. There are no facilities for children and it is advisable not to bring them.


29. We also reserve the right to use video recording or photographs during sessions.


30. Clients are reminded that they enter the pool area at their own risk as hydrotherapy involves water therefore sensible footwear and clothing should be worn, there is an increased slip hazard around the pool area.


31. We reserve the right to refuse treatment and board to any dog at any time.


32. Terms and conditions may change at any time without notice and are effective immediately


33. We operate a zero tolerance policy to abuse towards our staff, any customer which demonstrates abusive behaviour or language towards any person on site will be removed and no further boarding will be offered.