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We are fortunate to share our site with

Butterwick K9 Hydrotherapy

so we can book a swim for any of our water loving residents. Their site  can be accessed by following the link  on the links page. Below is a brief overview to wet your appetite.

Follow the link above for the full story!!

For centuries the benefits of water in both health and fitness have been acknowledged as unsurpassable. Physiotherapists know that swimming exercises every muscle in the anatomy with no impact to joints and bones. When swimming takes place in warm water, the blood vessels open allowing the blood and oxygen to flow to the extremities. This increased blood flow not only helps to prevent cramps in the muscles, but has an easing effect on swollen and painful joints - the more painful the joints become, the less movement is made in them and the blood flow is reduced even more - a vicious circle that leaves dogs almost immobile in serious cases.

Canine hydrotherapy is now more widely recognised as a valuable treatment for dogs recovering from surgery & injury or it is used to reduce obesity in pets as well as a safe, enjoyable form of exercise for healthy dogs. Swimming, or even just walking in water, gently exercises every muscle of the dog’s body, helping them to rebuild or simply maintain cardiovascular fitness without the danger of injury. Not to mention the increase in post operative success rates, faster recovery in a safe, controlled and structured format.With canine hydrotherapy being a relatively new, although rapidly growing area, there are many people who are still unaware of the benefits and its wide range of uses. Its particular value comes from the soothing effects of the warmth and pressure of the water, and especially the buoyancy provided combined with a structured exercise programme tailored to your dog.

Here at Butterwick we firmly believe that hydrotherapy is a four way partnership: you, your dog, your vet and finally us. We keep your vet informed of progress made and review each session with you to make sure we are proceeding in the best way possible. Please take care to read our terms and conditions and guidelines carefully these are important for you both to get the most out of your sessions with us. Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss any requirements that you might have or we can demonstrate one of our own dogs swimming in the pool.

Our British climate does not allow for us to swim our dogs in open lakes and ponds. In the winter they are freezing cold - this constricts the blood vessels and prevents the blood from flowing to the extremities - often starving the very muscles that we want to exercise. In the summer they often contain dangerous algae that can be toxic to our dogs. Exercising on hard surfaces can send shock waves up the limbs that are absorbed by the tendons and joints. In youngsters, particularly in larger breeds, this can cause damage resulting in long term lameness, and then muscle wastage.

Swimming in a controlled environment is an answer. The water can be monitored, the temperature kept constant, and the water filtered and treated to make swimming as safe as possible. There are no muddy slippery banks for the dog to scramble up - risking injury by doing so, and then you have the added benefit of a warm shower and a towel or blow dry before climbing into the back of the car. Without the mud!!


Again offered by Butterwick K9 Hydrotherapy

The latest innovation in canine fitness and welfare is the underwater treadmill.

Benefits include

Increase  in fitness , weight loss,

Muscle development,

Renewed vitality in old dogs, assistance with arthritis, rehabilitation  pre and post operative fitness, pain management and improved mobility and movement.

This is all carried out by one of the Uks top 4 qualified Canine Hydrotherapists.

No matter what you feed your pet  that's what we will feed your pet too!

As such we buy in bulk and will gladly offer the trade price and discount to our customers when you buy your feed through us!

Place your order when you drop off and where possible it will be here to collect when you collect your pet!

We want your pet to have as much fun while they are with us as they can so its no holes barred  no matter what the mess. We also understand that when you pick them up you might not want your car or home to smell of the mud and muck that fun might have entailed!

So you can choose to bath and / or dry your pet before they leave so they are truly pampered... looking and smelling their best for all those cuddles you will be getting when you get home!!

Just ask for a price when you book it in.


Let us pick up your pet and drop it back so you have the time to get on with packing, working, or just day to day life.

We take to the vets for you if your stuck.

We are cheaper than local animal taxi services and collect / drop off

Mondays to Fridays from 9 - 5!

Give us a call and we can book it all!!