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Butterwick has a purpose built luxury cattery where all our rooms can accommodate individuals or families of cats. There are heated individual rooms with their very own covered outside area for scratching and pouncing or even loafing around if your best friend is that way inclined be they a house or outdoor cat. They even get tucked in at night and a treat just to check that their still ok.

With the cats that come to stay with us, we always give them cuddles every time we see them, and make sure that they get those extra fish and chicken treats throughout their stay if their allowed. All bedding can be supplied but if you want your cat to have a smell of home that’s ok too. We often recommend that you write us a little note about your feline friend so we can get to know them as well as you do and will make boarding with us a more comfortable experience.

We have a dedicated member of staff fully trained in how to specifically care for your cat(s) and their needs, even the most difficult of medications or injections can be administered if needed.

Every cat gets a daily health check to make sure their in purrfect condition. She openly admits she’s a cat fanatic. For your peace of mind in the very rare and unfortunate even of a cat becoming ill whilst staying at Butterwick we will call your vet as after all they know your cat and have your cats medical history. Our insurance will normally cover any vets bill.

All the cat rooms exceed the model license conditions for cats so there’s plenty of room for them to spread out or explore.

For food we stock most of the major brands in both tinned and dry food, including, Felix, Whiskers, Go-cat, Hills Science Plan, and Iams to name just a few. We usually feed in the morning and in the afternoon, but we will leave down a supply of food all the time if that’s what your cat is used to. We try to stick to your cat’s routine as best we can.

As with our kennels we have a full alarm system, and the cattery is fully secured, so there is no chance that anything untoward is going to happen to your cat while you are on holiday.


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